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Feedback on Staff Development Events

Evaluation and gaining feedback on our interventions are essential to our work. We need to ascertain how valuable each and every event has been in order to ensure we are providing a cost-effective service benefiting individuals, teams, department and SOAS as a whole.

After every event we ask you to complete and return a feedback form for you to inform us if your objectives for attending the event were met. If they were not, then we will investigate why this was not the case and offer alternatives where appropriate.

Feedback forms can be completed anonymously however we will not be able to respond to any comments personally if this is the case. A copy of our course feedback form can be downloaded through the following link.  If you do not receive a form after an event electronically or in hard-copy then please use this form.

Evaluation form

Feedback on Staff Development Services

We encourage constructive feedback on all of our events and please be assured that all comments received are acted upon where appropriate within our current staffing levels. We value your responses and if you would like to give us any feedback on this website or staff development services in general, please email Staff Development .

Feedback to your Team

After every learning event, we encourage staff to share their new learning with their team at team meetings or at lunchtimes, which are another good source of sharing of information. Some departments/ faculties include Staff Development as a section in their local bulletins and staff are encouraged to write an evaluation for the bulletin based on their experiences to encourage others to attend similar events.

Transfer of Learning

Having attended an event and completed a feedback form, it is essential that you have a discussion with your line-manager on how best to incorporate your new learning back into the workplace. Transferring learning from a training room to the workplace can be difficult without support especially where procedures may need to be changed to accommodate changes.

Your manager will be keen on supporting your continual development and will be keen to see you incorporating new ideas and ways of working for the overall success of the Department/ Faculty. Please continue to talk to your line-manager/Head of Department about your learning and development.