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Health and Safety for New Staff

SOAS takes its responsibilities for the safety of its staff very seriously but all staff should familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety Policy.


  • On the New Staff Orientation programme all new staff will hear from the Health and Safety Office about issues relating to staff safety.
  • All employees who use a computer workstation as part of their normal working day are required to complete the online training and risk assessment to ensure that your computer, desk, and chair are suitably arranged.

First Aid

  • SOAS has a network of qualified first aiders all of whom have been trained by either St John's Ambulance or the British Red Cross.
  • The list of these members of staff can be found under the First Aid section of the Health & Safety website.
  • If you need to contact a first aider in an emergency you should call reception on 555 and they will call a first aider closest to you.
  • All accidents/incidents, however, minor should be reported to the Health and Safety Advisor directly after the occurrence using the Incident Report Form.
  • If you would like to train as a first aider please contact staffdevelopment@soas.ac.uk.

Fire Safety

  • If you hear the fire alarm you must leave the building immediately.
  • Use the nearest available exit.
  • Do not go back for your belongings.
  • Do not re-enter the building unless instructed to do so by the Fire Warden or Emergency Coordinator.

For more details about what to do in the event of a fire alarm / fire please refer to the Fire Safety web page.

Emergency Egress for those with a Disability

All staff members and students are strongly encouraged to disclose any impairment or medical condition which affects their ability to either use the stairs of to exit the building in an emergency, so that appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure their safe evacuation in the event of an emergency (or lift breakdown).

Staff should contact Deb Viney dv4@soas.ac.uk so that she can make the necessary arrangements and Students should contact the Student Disability Advisers Zoe Davis zd@soas.ac.uk or Angel Axon aa113@soas.ac.uk.

Further Information

  • For any further information about Health and Safety issues such as the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED), The Safety Group and guidance for new and expectant mothers┬áplease visit the SOAS Health and Safety web site.
  • All health and safety queries should be sent to the Safety Officer Heidi Alderton via healthandsafety@soas.ac.uk.