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Staff Development

Orientation Programme

As a new member of staff it is very important that you take part in the programme of events that has been organised specifically to allow you to find out much more about the School, its activities and its plans for the future. You will learn about a range of School activities, and meet key existing staff members and new staff members from across the School. There will also be a chance to find out more about the local Bloomsbury area. Past feedback on these events has been very positive:

“The day made me feel valued as a new SOAS employee”.

“A great opportunity to network and meet people from all over the School”.

“Although I have been working here for several months, I have learnt lots of new and useful things which will help me in the future”.

Below is the programme outline for the main Orientation day:

09.30Welcome & Introductions; Serena Yeo 
09.40Preparing for the day; Serena Yeo 
09.55Getting to Grips with Acronyms; Serena Yeo 
10.10Vision, Strategy  and Future Challenges, Registrar & Secretary Donald Beaton 
10.40What do you know about SOAS? Quiz; Serena Yeo 
11.15Welcome to the work of: Finance and Planning; Barry Douglas 
11.30Welcome to the work of: Student & Registry Services; David Christmas, Alison Barty & Evan Hancock 
12.05Welcome to the work of: Research and Enterprise Directorate; Tony Doherty 
12.20Welcome to the work of: Library & Information Services; Regina Everitt 
13.15Welcome to the work of: Academic Development; Mandy Bentham 
13.30Health & Safety Briefing; Heidi Alderton 
14.00Russell Square Tour (including the SOAS Library); Sian Jones, Beth Clark 
15.00Welcome to the work of: Human Resources; Martine Baraket & Serena Yeo 
15.40Welcome to the work of: External Relations & Development; Fiona McWilliams 
15.55Welcome to the work of: The Student’s Union and Trade Unions; Peter Baran 
16.10Evaluation & Close 
16.30Director's ReceptionStaff Common

You should automatically receive an invitation to attend the next event soon after you start work. If you are a new member of staff please feel free to contact Staff Development at any time: staffdevelopment@soas.ac.uk.

Other essential courses for new staff include:

  • Equality & Diversity training
  • Information Compliance
Highly recommended:

  • Walking Tour of Bloomsbury

Details of which can be found on our Course Calendar.

The Staff Development Office has also developed an Induction Checklist to help you find your way round the School and its varied systems. There is also a Checklist for Managers which will guide your manager in helping you settle in.