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Student Advice and Wellbeing

Contact Student Advice and Wellbeing

Tel: 020 7074 5015
Fax: 020 7074 5039
Email: studentadviceandwellbeing@soas.ac.uk
Visiting Address: SOAS Student Advice and Wellbeing, V302 Vernon Square, Penton Rise, WC1X 9EW
Postal Address: SOAS Student Advice and Wellbeing, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Twitter: @SOASStServ

The Student Advice and Wellbeing Department consists of four specialist services, staffed by trained and experienced professionals

Specialist Service Contact Details

International Student and Welfare Advice: welfare@soas.ac.uk
Counselling: counsellors@soas.ac.uk
Disability Advice: disabilities@soas.ac.uk
Mental Health and Wellbeing Advice sk110@soas.ac.uk