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Student Advice and Wellbeing

Contact Student Advice and Wellbeing

Tel: 020 7074 5015
Email: studentadviceandwellbeing@soas.ac.uk
Visiting Address: SOAS Student Advice and Wellbeing, V302 Vernon Square, Penton Rise, WC1X 9EW
Postal Address: SOAS Student Advice and Wellbeing, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

The Student Advice and Wellbeing Department consists of four specialist services, staffed by trained and experienced professionals

Specialist Service Contact Details

Immigration & Finance Advice: welfare@soas.ac.uk 

Housing & accommodation advice: accommodation@soas.ac.uk

Counselling: counsellors@soas.ac.uk

Disability Advice: disabilities@soas.ac.uk

Mental Health and Wellbeing Advice sk110@soas.ac.uk