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Information for Students

Insider information

Fanny Arlandis Camden

Photo: Fanny Arlandis, Camden street dance

Our students say:

“Walk as much as possible!  You'll really get to know the area well that way...”

“Get to know the staff if living in student residences - it makes your accommodation more pleasant and interesting”

“Get to know some of your local shops/a local cafe to make you feel more at home where you are living”

“Check which shops/supermarkets stay open late, for last minute essentials”

“Get to know your local markets and turn up as late as possible for the cheap deals, as traders off-load their short-life products” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_markets_in_London);

“Local car boot sales are great for second-hand clothes and kitchenware” http://www.carbootsales.org/county/london.html