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Where to live

Emanuelle Degli Esposti Brick Lane

Photo: Emanuelle Degli Esposti, Brick Lane mural

…London is a glorious mess. It evolved from a score or so of distinct villages, that merged and meshed as their boundaries enlarged. As a result, London is a labyrinth, full of turnings and twistings just like a brain… Each of these little villages—Primrose Hill, Highgate, Clapham, the City—has its own specializations and expertise. They are self-sufficient, even as they are inextricably and essentially part of the whole metropolis.' James Geary, American writer, On London

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, talking about London being a great city for students to live and study in


To help you work out what areas the London postcodes cover, see Postcode map

To locate a potential property, use street view to look around and work out your route on foot Google maps

To get a personal flavour of London, we asked some staff and students about the area in which they live. THIS PAGE WILL SOON CARRY THEIR INSIGHTS INTO THEIR PART OF LONDON...