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Programme Specifications

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) requires that higher education institutions produce programme specifications, a part of the quality management requirements at SOAS.

A programme specification is a concise description of the intended outcomes of learning from a higher education programme, and the means by which these outcomes are achieved and demonstrated. Its primary function is to provide clear and concise programme information for a public audience, specifically prospective and current students. It makes explicit the intended learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, intellectual skills, subject-based practical skills and transferable skills. It helps students to understand the teaching and learning methods that enable these objectives to be achieved; the assessment methods that enable achievement to be demonstrated; and the relationship of the programme and its study elements to the broader national higher education context and to any subsequent career path. 

A programme specification is available for every undergraduate and postgraduate taught degree programme offered at SOAS. They can be found on each individual degree programme webpage.