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Study Abroad/JYA at SOAS

Anthropology and Sociology

Courses that run across the full year are available to all visiting students - whether at SOAS for the full year, term 1 only or terms 2&3 only

Some of the courses within the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS are specialised in nature and taught at an advanced level. In order to derive benefit from them, students, both SOAS students and visiting students, are asked to meet entry requirements in terms of prerequisite previous courses they must have studied. New students will be expected to have passed equivalent courses at their home institution to those listed as prerequisite for SOAS students. Both to clarify their eligibility and to ensure that they enrol on courses properly advised, they are requested to contact the relevant course convenor before arrival at SOAS. Contact details for course convenors are given with the course descriptions or you can contact the Study Abroad office for details.

Undergraduate Courses

Course TitleCourse CodeOther information
African and Asian Cultures in the Diaspora15 180 2052 
Anthropology and Film15 180 2026 
Anthropology of Travel and Tourism A15 180 2071 
Anthropology of Travel and Tourism B15 180 2072 
Comparative Study of Islam: Anthropological Perspectives (A)15 180 2067 
Comparative Study of Islam: Anthropological Perspectives (B)15 180 2068 
Ethnography of a selected region - China15 180 2050 
Ethnography of a selected region - East Africa15 180 2043 
Ethnography of a selected region - Japan15 180 2045Only available to full year and term 1 only students
Ethnography of a selected region - South Asia15 180 2047 
Ethnography of a selected region - South East Asia15 180 2048 
Ethnography of a selected region - West Africa15 180 2044 
Ethnography of a selected region: Near & Middle East15 180 2066 
New Media and Society15 180 2070 
New Religious Movements in Africa, Asia and the Middle East15 180 2073 
Principles of Social Investigation15 180 2024 
Psychoanalysis and Anthropology15 180 2017 
The Anthropology of African and Asian Communities in British Society15 180 2035 
The Anthropology of Gender15 180 2031 
The Other in Horror and Science Fiction Films15 180 2061 

Postgraduate Courses

For a full list of postgraduate courses in the Anthropology and Sociology department please see here.

Please note that the following postgraduate Anthropology courses are NOT open to visiting students:

  • African and Asian Diasporas in the Contemporary World
  • Anthropology of Development
  • Comparative Media Studies
  • Comparative Studies of Society and Culture
  • Cultural Understandings of Health
  • Directed Practical Study in the Anthropology of Food
  • Ethnographic Research Methods
  • Introduction to Statistics - A Graduate Programme at Three Levels
  • Media Production Skills
  • Research Methods in Anthropology
  • The Anthropology of Food
  • Theoretical Approaches to Social Anthropology
  • Dissertations and independent study projects