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Study Abroad/JYA at SOAS


Courses that run across the full year are available to all visiting students - whether at SOAS for the full year, term 1 only or terms 2&3 only
Undergraduate Courses
Course TitleCourse CodeOther Information
H101 Approaches to History15 480 0166 
H110 Introduction to the History of Africa15 480 0228 
H120 Introduction to the History of East Asia15 480 0229 
H130 Introduction to the History of the Near and Middle East15 480 0230 
H140 Introduction to the History of South Asia15 480 0231 
H150 Introduction to the History of Southeast Asia15 480 0232 
H234 Culture And Identity In Modern South Asia, 1800-200015 480 0264 
H235 Gandhi and Ghandhiism15 480 0103 
H236 State and Society in Mughal India15 480 0286 
H241 The Middle East in the Period of the Crusades, 1050-129115 480 0254 
H247 Turks, Mongols And Mamluks, 1054-150015 480 0222 
H248 The Making of the Modern Middle East15 480 0227 
H253 Islam in Southeast Asia, 1760s-1960s15 480 0212 
H270 Society and Culture in Twentieth-Century Africa15 480 0244 
H275 Race, Class and Culture in the History of Southern Africa15 480 0221 
H278 Muslim Societies in West Africa15 480 0284 
H280 Atlantic Slavery and its Legacies: Western Africa c. 1500-200015 480 0247 
H283 Modern Japan15 480 0233 
H297 Modern China15 480 0281 
H333 Urban Modern Eastern Asia15 480 0288 
H337 Histories of Partition: India and Pakistan 194715 480 0282 
H343 Reform, Resistance and Revolution: The Ottoman Empire 1876-190915 480 0197 
H346 History of Iran: Qajars to the Islamic Republic15 480 0245 
H348 Rulers, Rebels and Scholars in Early Islam15 480 0277 
H353 The Creation of Modern Burma, 1852-c.1941 (I)15 480 0252 
H378 Violence, Identity & Politics in Modern East and Northeast Africa15 480 0262 
H379 Asante, the Gold Coast and the British 1870-1935 (I)15 480 0217 
H434 Religion, State And Society In Mughal North India I15 480 0238 
Islam and the West15 123 0006 
Postgraduate Courses

For a full list of postgraduate History courses please see here.

Independent study projects, dissertations and extended essays are not suitable for associate students.