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Study Abroad/JYA at SOAS

History of Art and Archaeology

Courses that run across the full year are available to all visiting students - whether at SOAS for the full year, term 1 only or terms 2&3 only
Undergraduate Courses
Course TitleCourse CodeOther Information
African Art I: Context and Representation15 490 0105Not running in 2013/14
African Art II: West Africa & the Atlantic World; History, Historiography and the Visual Arts15 490 0124 
African Art III: The Art and Architecture of North Eastern Africa15 490 0132 
Africans in the Americas: Identities and Representation15 490 0166Not running in 2013/14
Angkor and Khmer Art in Southeast Asia15 490 0146Not running in 2013/14
Archaeology of Early Imperial China15 490 0142 
Architecture of Tibet and the Himalayas15 490 0165 
Art and Archaeology of Ancient China15 490 0143 
Art and Culture in Imperial China15 490 0140 
Art and Culture in Modern China15 490 0141 
Art and Empire in Early Modern South India15 490 0153Not running in 2013/14
Art and Material Culture of the Islamic World: 7th to 14th Centuries15 490 0138Not running in 2013/14
Art and Ritual in Buddhist South Asia15 490 0147Not running in 2013/14
Arts of Tibet15 490 0164 
Arts of the Buddha in Southeast Asia15 490 0148 
Buddhist Arts of Korea15 490 0158Not running in 2013/14
Chinese Art and Modernity15 490 0167Not running in 2013/14
Contemporary Arts in Southeast Asia15 490 0149Not running in 2013/14
Contemporary Korean Arts in East Asia15 490 0150 
Court Arts in Mughal and Rajput North India15 490 0171 
Global Cultures of Chinese Ceramics15 490 0170 
Hindu Art in Medieval India15 490 0162Not running in 2013/14
Introduction to the Art and Archaeology of Africa15 490 0155 
Introduction to the Art and Archaeology of East Asia15 490 0163 
Introduction to the Art and Archaeology of South & Southeast Asia15 490 0156 
Introduction to the Art and Archaeology of the Near and Middle East15 490 0101 
Islamic Painting15 490 0009Not running in 2013/14
Island Arts of South East Asia15 490 0145 
Japanese Art15 490 0110 
Mosaics, Manuscripts, and Wall Painting in Islamic Art15 490 0134Not running in 2013/14
Paintings of Korea15 490 0157Not running in 2013/14
Royal Arts of Korea15 490 0152 
The Art of Islamic Metalwork15 490 0168Not running in 2013/14
The Decorative Arts of Islam15 490 0109 
Theory and Method in the study of Asian and African Art15 490 0104 
Traditional Art and Modern South Asia15 490 0161 
Postgraduate Courses

For a full list of postgraduate History of Art and Archaeology courses please see here.

Independent study projects, dissertations and extended essays are not suitable for associate students.