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Study Abroad/JYA at SOAS

Development Studies

Courses that run across the full year are available to all visiting students - whether at SOAS for the full year, term 1 only or terms 2&3 only
Undergraduate Courses
Course TitleCourse CodeMore information
Development and Conflict151 010 041 
Development Conditions and Experience151 010 001 
Food Security and Livelihoods151 010 042 
Governance and Development151 010 040 
Introduction to Global Forced Migration Studies151 010 020only available to full year and term 1 only students
Issues in Borders and Development151 010 028 
Issues in Gender and Development151 010 021 
Issues in global commodity chains, production networks and informal work151 010 032 
Issues of the Working Poor and Development151 010 037 
Land, Natural Resources, Development and Environmental Change151 010 039 
Non-Governmental Organisations, Development and Change151 010 034 
Political Economy of Finance, Debt and Development151 010 038 
Security (BA)151 010 035 
Themes in Contemporary Development: Civil Society and Social Movements151 010 024 
Theory and Evidence in Contemporary Development151 010 022 
'Tigers' and 'Dragons': East Asian Development Revisited151 010 033 
Postgraduate courses

A full list of the postgraduate Development Studies courses can be found here.

Note: Political Economy of Development (15PDSC002) is only open to full year students (not Term 1 only, or Term 2/3 only students)

Please note that courses in the MSc Research for International Development programme are NOT open to visiting students. The specific courses are:
  • Agriculture and Rural Development in Developing Countries (15PDSH038)
  • Battlefields of Method: Approaches to International Development Research (15PDSC008)
  • Gender and International Development (15PDSH037)
  • HIV/AIDS and Development (15PDSH039)
  • Rural livelihoods, Contested Natural Resources and Globalisation (15PDSH043)
  • Security (International Development) (15PDSH035)
  • Social Movements, Civil Society and Development (15PDSH036)
  • Theories, Trends and Policies in Economic Migration (15PDSH042)
  • Water Resources Management in Asia: Policy, Politics and Reform (15PDSH040)
  • Water in Asia: Governance and Policy Reform (15PDSH041)

They are mainly duplicates of other courses within the department though, which are open to you.

Independent study projects, dissertations and extended essays are also not suitable for associate students.