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Study Abroad/JYA at SOAS


Courses that run across the full year are available to all visiting students - whether at SOAS for the full year, term 1 only or terms 2&3 only
Undergraduate Courses
Course TitleCourse CodeOther information
Advanced Administrative Law155 200 061 
Environmental Law155 200 063 
European Human Rights Law/ EU Law155 200 051 
Intellectual Property Law155 200 059 
Labour Law155 200 056Only available to full year or term 1 only students
Law of Islamic Finance155 200 060 
Law and Development155 200 030 
Law and Society in Africa155 200 033 
Law and Society in South Asia155 200 032 
Law, Multiculturalism and Intercultural Human Rights155 200 040 
Law of Obligations I155 200 004 
Legal Systems of Asia and Africa155 200 029 
Postgraduate Courses

For a full list of postgraduate Law courses please see here.

Please note that unless you have completed an undergraduate or first degree in Law, you will not be eligible to take LLM courses.  You may however, be eligible to take the MA Law courses. Students taking the JD at either Connecticut, Columbia or Hastings can apply through the JD LLM London Program.

Independent study projects, dissertations and extended essays are not suitable for associate students.