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Study Abroad/JYA at SOAS

Politics and International Studies

Courses that run across the full year are available to all visiting students - whether at SOAS for the full year, term 1 only or terms 2&3 only
Undergraduate Courses
Course TitleCourse CodeOther information
Comparative Political Sociology of Asia and Africa153 400 067 
Government and Politics of China153 400 071 
Government and Politics of South Asia153 400 020 
Government and Politics of the Middle East153 400 060 
Identity in International Relations153 400 073 
International Politics153 400 014 
International Relations of East Asia153 400 078 
Islam and Democracy153 100 065only available to full year or term 1 only students
Political Theory153 400 054 
Politics of Culture153 400 075 
Politics of Gender153 400 074 
Politics of Development153 400 042 
South East Asian Government and Politics153 400 022 
States, People and Power in Asia and Africa153 400 056 
Taiwan's Political and Economic Development153 400 072 
The International Organisation of World Politics153 400 068 
The State and Politics in Africa153 400 064 
Postgraduate Courses

For a full list of postgraduate courses in Politics and International Studies please see here.

Please note that the following courses are NOT open to visiting students:

  • Islam and Political Ideologies (15PPOH007)
  • Politics of Resistance in the Middle East (15PPOH010)

Independent study projects, dissertations and extended essays are also not suitable for study abroad students.