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Teaching Room Usage

Please note the following guidelines for the use of the School's teaching rooms.  This is sent every term to the all-staff email list and is reproduced here for your convenience.

Official School Timetable

The rooms booked for your teaching are those, and only those, which are showing as booked on the official online School timetable.

Rooms are only booked for teaching weeks of term. If you need to use a room outside these times, please book this separately.

If you need to use a different room to the one allocated, please book this through the timetable office. If a room is booked to you which you do not require, please inform the timetable office so that it can be released for the use of others.

Timing of Classes

Classes start at 5 minutes past the hour and should finish at 5 minutes to the hour. Please ensure you vacate the classroom promptly to allow the class after you to start on time.

Classroom Equipment

All teaching rooms are provided with board erasers and board markers. Please do not remove these from the room. If you find the room is lacking in these they can be obtained from reception desks in each building. Personal supplies of board markers are also available from Faculty Offices or the staff preparation area at Vernon Square (V322).

Please do not remove furniture or equipment from teaching rooms, either to move to another teaching room or to offices. If you need additional furniture in your office, please contact Sian Jones (sj11@soas.ac.uk). If there is a problem with furniture or equipment in the teaching room, please contact Estates or AV as appropriate. Further, please do not place furniture in corridors, as this constitutes a health and safety hazard.

The School continues to invest heavily in teaching room furniture and equipment. Please treat it with care. In particular, please ensure you use non-permanent markers on whiteboards, and please be careful not to write on pull-down screens by mistake. Please make sure you clean the whiteboard fully after use. Permanent markers cannot be ordered from the School’s stationery suppliers and should not be brought to the School from outside.

Vernon Square Teacher Preparation Room (V322)

Please note the following about the Vernon Square teaching preparation space: If you require printer/copier paper, board markers or board rubbers, please ask at the Reception desk. If you need assistance with printer and copying, please contact helpdesk@soas.ac.uk. Please note that this room is not supplied with general stationery (writing pens, pencils, staplers etc).

Contact for Timetable Changes and Room Bookings

Please note contact details for those involved in teaching room provision:

Timetabling change requests: email timetable@soas.ac.uk

One-off room bookings: http://www.soas.ac.uk/timetable/teachingrooms/

To report problems with furniture or heating/lighting: https://inet.soas.ac.uk/cgi-bin/estates/requestform.pl

To report problems with classroom equipment, or to request training: helpdesk@soas.ac.uk

General timetable queries: timetable@soas.ac.uk