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Timetable Office

Timetable FAQs for Staff

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions asked by academics about the production of the new teaching timetable.  Please read these carefully, and if your question is not answered please contact us at timetable@soas.ac.uk.

  • How can I view the timetable?
    The timetable is available online at Timetable Please use this link and not any bookmarked links you may have.
  • How is the timetable produced?

    Departmental contacts meet with the Timetable Office during the spring to go through requirements for the new timetable. At the same time continuing students pick courses for the forthcoming year via student sign-up.

    Timetable assess staff requests and student choices and produce the lecture timetable. 

    The first version including lectures and whole group activities is released normally in late May.

    The fully roomed timetable including tutorials is normally published in the first week of September.

  • How do I change how my course is delivered?

    Changes to the delivery of a course must always be officially approved by your department, and by Registry.

    Prior to any change, please discuss the matter with us and your timetable representative.

    Something as simple as changing tutorials from one hour to two can have significant impact on the shape and space needed for the course over the whole year.

  • Can I change the day and time of my course?

    If you need to request a change to an existing course please check with your Departmental Contact to ensure the change does not cause problems either inside or outside your department. The Departmental Contact will get in touch with Timetable Office during the spring with approved change requests.

    Changes to lecture times after the spring publication of the timetable will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances, for more information, please refer to the Timetabling Policy.

  • Am I guaranteed the day and time slot which I request for my course?

    Whilst we will always try to accommodate requests; we cannot guarantee that any course can be scheduled at the requested time.

    Reasons that we may not be able to accommodate your preferred slot include:

    The time slot doesn’t correspond to School Policy. (See below 'If I do change the time, when can I change it to?')

    The time slot causes a clash for any student studying a core course, or for more than three students choosing the course as an option.

    There is no appropriate room available in the chosen time slot.

  • If I do change the time, when can I change it to?

    The School’s core teaching day is 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, but much teaching also takes place in the 5pm to 7pm slot. 

    Two-hour slots, during the core hours, must start at 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. This means you cannot teach 10-12, 12-2, or 2-4pm. 

    The School has a policy that Wednesday afternoons should be kept clear of teaching as much as possible. We will try to ensure that, at the very least, no undergraduate lectures are scheduled on Wednesday afternoons. 

    To try and mitigate against student timetable clashes, entry level language courses are, where possible, timetabled on Monday and Wednesday between 9am -11am.

    For more information please see the Timetabling Policy

  • What do I do if my course is on the timetable, but not under my name?

    Then please email the Departmental Contact quoting the appropriate course code (e.g. 15PG00001).

  • What if my course is not on the timetable at all?

    Please email the Departmental Contact quoting the appropriate course code (e.g. 15PG00001).

  • When will any changes be made?

    We will aim to make any changes which you send within 48 hours of receiving the change. If your request comes at a busier time this may take longer, although we will acknowledge receipt of your request.

  • When can I request tutorials?

    Tutorial requests can be made at any time although the initial timetable includes only whole group activities like lectures. 

     Rooms are allocated to tutorials after they have been allocated to lectures: so it may not always be possible to allocate your requested time slot, please include all possible time slots in which the tutorial can be taught in order of preference on your request.

  • When will the final timetable be published?

    The roomed timetable, including tutorials, is published at the beginning of September.

  • Can I request a specific room?

    In general, it is not possible to specify a particular room. We allocate rooms based on a best-fit basis. This is why we collect information based on projected student numbers and equipment requirements. The same applies for Russell Square / Vernon Square requests. You can request a specific type of room such as a language lab or computer room.

  • When can I make one-off bookings for the new Academic Year?

    You can book meeting rooms and conference rooms, the KLT after 7pm plus teaching rooms at weekends and during holidays.

    It is only possible to make one-off requests for teaching rooms in term time once the teaching timetable, including tutorials, is pretty much finalised.

    We understand that this can cause some minor inconvenience, but we also hope that you appreciate that, within teaching rooms, your teaching must be our first priority.