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SOAS Website Management

The Communications Team of the Marketing, Student Recruitment and Communications Directorate has overall responsibility for the content of the School's web site, while Library and Information Services has responsibility for managing the web servers and content management system and their underlying databases. 

The SOAS website (www.soas.ac.uk) is a principal marketing tool for and source of information about the School. The Percussion Rhythmyx (v7.3) content management system (CMS) is used to create and manage the School's website. Web Editors can access the CMS at https://cms.soas.ac.uk

Services Provided

Contact webcontent@soas.ac.uk for the following:

  • Website Production – creation of new sites within the CMS for publication on the main SOAS web site (www.soas.ac.uk), adding new facilities to the CMS, final checking of content before being published
  • Image Optimisation – optimising images for use on the web
  • Drop in Sessions – offering advice to web authors and editors
  • PDF Creation & Optimisation – creating and optimising PDFs for use on the web

Contact itservicedesk@soas.ac.uk for the following:

  • Web Training – training on using the Percussion Rhythmyx content management system
  • Video & Audio Encoding – creating and optimising multimedia files for the web
  • Queries regarding technical problems with the CMS 


How to Use Website Services

Website Production

New content and updates should be sent to the relevant web editor for your department

Web Training
  • All web editors need training to use the Percussion Rhythmyx content management system – contact 

    itservicedesk@soas.ac.uk to request basic CMS training