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Medical Care

International students who are coming to the UK for a course lasting six months or longer are entitled to full NHS care including hospital treatment from the commencement of their stay.  When you register with a GP you should take with you an Official Student Status Letter to prove that you are studying with us at SOAS.  These letters are produced once you have fully completed your enrolment (further details of these letters can be found under Other Useful Information).

For international students who are here for less than six months the situation is more complex.  Hospital services will incur a charge, except emergency health care within an accident and emergency department.  All other hospital treatment will incur full medical charges, except where there are reciprocal arrangements with the UK and the student’s country of origin.  Students may wish to arrange appropriate health and accident insurance to cover such costs.

It is important to register with a doctor as soon as you arrive.

Further information can be found on the Health section of the Student Services pages of this website. 

For dental treatment, you will have to pay some of the costs involved even as an NHS patient.  Full details can be found at www.nhs.uk