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Freshers' Events

During Welcome Week, the Students’ Union is there to help new students (otherwise known as “freshers”) feel at home, make friends and get involved in the active live of SOAS.

This is a great opportunity for new students to meet returning students too.  The bar and common rooms are open all week, so grab something to eat or drink and start chatting!

Freshers' Fayre

The Main Freshers' Event is the Freshers' Fayre on Saturday 27 September from 12 to 6pm, which is always good fun!

Full details of the Freshers' Fayre and other events arranged by the Students’ Union will be published on the Student’s Union website and also from the Union Diary, which you can pick up when you arrive.

Whilst we want to you to be able to join in as many of the Students' Union events as possible, if you have a time clash, you’d better attend to School-related matters first!

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