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Student Discount Schemes

There are many student discount schemes that you may wish to sign up to.  The only scheme that SOAS are actively involved in is the Transport for London Student Discount Oyster Card scheme, although we are quite happy to validate application forms for other discount schemes – just come to the Registry at Vernon Square.


Student Oyster Cards

If you are studying on a full time programme you are entitled to apply for a Student Oyster Card. Please be aware that this scheme only operates where you are purchasing monthly passes – it will not operate if you are using Oyster as a pay-as-you-go scheme.

You should make your applications online via Transport for London and once you have submitted your application, SOAS will validate this by confirming that you are enrolled with us on a Full Time programme of study.  Please use the correct organisation code when applying: 1121 - School of Oriental and African Studies.

You do not need to notify us that you have made an application as we have access to the Transport for London site and will carry out a check of new requests awaiting our validation on a regular basis. However, as we are mainly working in the Enrolment Hall during Welcome Week, there may be a slight delay in validating your application in the first few weeks of term.  

We do understand the importance to you of obtaining your discount as quickly as possible and we will be giving it our highest priority once Welcome Week is over.

Once we have validated your application, you will be notified by Transport for London.

Although you can apply for your discount card at any time, we are only able to validate your application once you have fully completed your enrolment (including paying your fees), so if your enrolment is not complete, we will place your application on hold and check your status on a regular basis.

Part time students

If you are studying on a Part time Postgraduate programme, it may be possible to receive a discounted oyster card, but only if you are in receipt of the grant from the Access to Learning Fund.

If you fall into this category, you should apply as detailed above, but before we can validate your application, we will need to see evidence that you are in receipt of funds from the Access to Learning Fund. You should therefore email the Registry team you have made your application to Transport for London with the evidence to support your application.

Unfortunately the scheme is not available to part time Undergraduate students.

If you have any queries, please email registrar@soas.ac.uk

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Student Rail Cards

You may find it useful to purchase a Student Rail Card if you are travelling by train as part of your regular travel. This scheme provides you with a third off all rail travel when presented at the time of purchasing your ticket. 

Full details can be found at the National Rail website.

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Other Discount Schemes

Many retail outlets advertise discounts for students and they will expect to see your SOAS Library ID card. These outlets include coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores and many more. The Student Room is likely to have the most up to date information. 

You may be surprised at the number of stores that offer a discount - just carry your ID card and be prepared to ask!

For freebees and regular offers, try the Student Beans website.

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