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SOAS New Students Scheme (SNSS)

If you are new to SOAS, we welcome you to take part in the SOAS NEW STUDENTS SCHEME (SNSS)  - Get involved!

EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS: SOAS New Students Scheme (SNSS) will host a series of events and workshops lead by current SOAS students, offering you tips and know-how about making the most out of student life at SOAS.

ONE TO ONE INFO: We also offer one to one information share if you would like to meet a student volunteer to show you the ropes. Would you like to meet a current SOAS student who can give you personal tips while you begin your studies at SOAS?

  • Are you away from home for the first time?
  • Is it your first time in London, or in the UK?
  • Do you face some extra challenges which make settling in a little more complicated?
  • Does university seem a bit daunting?
  • Is this the first time you are studying in English?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, and think that you could benefit from the support, advice or company of another student, then the 1-1 info share (formally called the Buddy Scheme) is for you.

SNSS 1-1 Volunteers can:

  • Help you find your way around the campuses
  • Ensure you acquire all necessary information about your timetable
  • Offer help with practical things like setting up a bank account or finding a good supermarket
  • Help you get involved in any Students’ Union clubs and societies you might be interested in
  • Meet you for a chat to see how things are going
  • Offer you tips on studying at SOAS
  • Help you with information about living in London

How does it work?

If you are a student new to SOAS and are interested in taking part in the Scheme, contact us!

SOAS New Students Scheme can invite you to workshops and / or arrange for you to get 1-1 information from existing student volunteers at the beginning of the academic year.

The student volunteers will be available from Welcome Week onwards, and they can support you in the process of “settling in” at SOAS.

We also want your help in developing this project, so get involved!

Who do I contact?

Email newstudentsscheme@soas.ac.uk with:

  • “workshops” in the subject if you are interested in meet and greet info events and workshops 
  •  “1-1” in the subject if you would like 1-1 info and we will send you further information
  •  “development” in the subject if you are interested in developing the Scheme with us

We look forward to hearing from you!