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Faculty Registration

SOAS is structured academically into three Faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
    This Faculty comprises the departments of Anthropology and Sociology; Arts and Archaeology; History; Music; the Study of Religions; and the Centre for Media and Film Studies
  • Faculty of Languages and Cultures
    This Faculty comprises the departments of Africa, China and Inner Asia; Japan and Korea; Near and Middle East; South Asia; South East Asia; Linguistics; and the Language Centre.  It also administers the MA in Gender Studies and the MA in Cultural Studies.
  • Faculty of Law & Social Sciences
    This faculty comprises the departments of Development Studies, Economics, Finance and Management Studies, and Politics and International Studies.

Faculty Registration

When you attend your enrolment, you will have the opportunity to see some Faculty staff, who will be happy to answer any questions you have on the Faculty, your Programme and your Course choices.

You can see Faculty staff at any point during Welcome Week in the Faculty Student Support Offices, who will be able to direct you to academic staff if required:

Arts and Humanities: artsandhumanities@soas.ac.uk.  Room 327
Languages and Cultures: languagesandcultures@soas.ac.uk.  Room 351
Law and Social Sciences: lawandsocialsciences@soas.ac.uk.  Room R201

Email Communication

The Faculty Office and all other departments will communicate with you via your SOAS email address.  It is important that you check your emails regularly, as SOAS will only use this method to communicate such matters as rescheduling of classes, deadline dates and clarification of procedures.


As a general rule, lectures begin during the second week (week commencing 29 September) and tutorials/seminars begin the following week (week commencing 6 October). The School’s teaching timetable is published on the timetable web pages:


This shows where and when your courses will take place. You can view your own personalised timetable from this site, by typing in your student number. Only verified course choices from course sign-up will appear on your timetable.

If you want advice about course choices or potential curriculum clashes please initially contact the Faculty Office for advice.

Any last minute changes to classes will be communicated to you by the Faculty either by email or via Moodle.