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Information for Students

Intercollegiate Courses (Undergraduate students only)

If you are an undergraduate and you wish to take an intercollegiate course that does not form part of the published syllabus for your degree, you must check carefully to see if this is permitted. There are some restrictions:

  • No intercollegiate courses in Year 1
  • No more than two course units' worth of intercollegiate courses during your degree and no more than one a year
  • No intercollegiate open options
  • No intercollegiate courses if a suitable equivalent is available at SOAS
  • No intercollegiate language courses except under very tightly restricted circumstances

Please note that the restrictions do not apply to you if you are on a degree jointly taught by two Colleges and if the course you want to take forms part of the published syllabus for your degree.   Examples of such jointly taught degrees (partner College in brackets) are:  

There are special requirements for the LLB degree - please contact the Law and Social Sciences Faculty office for further details.

What you need to do:

If you want to take a course from another University of London college, you need to do the following:

  • Select the appropriate ‘intercollegiate course’ unit from those listed in the Course Sign-up system. 
  • Visit the appropriate University of London college as soon as possible in order to complete the necessary forms to allow enrolment on this course.
  • Send the completed forms to the SOAS Registry. 

Please be aware that some Colleges have an earlier course registration deadline than SOAS, so the courses may fill up quickly. You are therefore advised to seek the necessary approval as soon as possible.

You must ensure that the course (and College name) is included in your Course Sign-up information submitted to your Faculty Office.

Unfortunately, SOAS postgraduate students are NOT permitted to take intercollegiate courses as part of their programme unless the courses are listed in the published syllabus for the programme.

Please note that intercollegiate courses are governed by the regulations of the other college.  Students should familiarise themselves with these rules ahead of taking the course. In case of a disability, please be aware that any adjustments you have agreed with the disability office may not be accepted by an intercollegiate college.  It is your responsibility to talk to the disability adviser in that college and to familiarise yourself with the relevant procedures for submission of coursework and examination and for any penalties for work handed in late.