Abhishek Mohanty

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Key information

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Thesis title
Blurred Imaginaries: Future-making and digital health in Delhi
Internal Supervisors
Dr Fabio Gygi & Professor Edward Simpson


For my doctoral research, I propose to anthropologically study how the future of healthcare in India is imagined through, with, and as digital technology (or simply, digital). Anchoring my project in digital enabled healthcare (or digital health) in Delhi, I aim to ethnographically study its spaces of design/development and delivery. How do designers and development engineers imagine the technology, and how do clinicians and doctors negotiate it whilst using it to deliver healthcare? How are their imaginations shaped at the macro/etic and lived/emic levels? How does the Body/Other in this sense get imagined and coded into the algorithmic logic and data assemblages of digital health? The central anthropological question I ask is: how and what might the sociality of a digital future be? To answer these questions, I will critically engage with design anthropology as a methodological praxis, as well as anthropological readings of future-making, sociotechnical imaginaries, and algorithms/data. In the process, and where applicable, I hope to also reference my prior research in India on telemedicine and entrepreneurship, as well as my previous training and professional experience as a management consultant, design researcher, and entrepreneur. By focusing on Delhi, I hope to present a pluralistic reading of digital health and digital more broadly, as one that factors in alternative ontologies at the intersection of health, digital, and future-making.


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