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Dr Andrew Hines

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School of History, Religions and Philosophies Lecturer in World Philosophies Lecturer in World Philosophies Lecturer in World Philosophies
PhD Comp Lit (Univ of London), MA Philosophy (Univ College, Dublin),
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Andrew first joined the Department of Religions and Philosophies as a Senior Teaching Fellow in 2019 and then as Lecturer in World Philosophies in September 2020. Until April 2022, he is also the Thyssen Research Fellow at the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations at Queen Mary University of London where he is compiling a report on the theme of misunderstanding in the public sphere of Western democracies.

As a neurodivergent adult with Adult ADHD, Andrew is passionate about inclusive approaches to learning complex subject matter such as philosophy. He worked as a specialist tutor and mentor for students with learning disabilities alongside his PhD which he completed in 2018 at Queen Mary University of London. His PhD traced the intellectual history of the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche’s conception of metaphor on European philosophy and how that conception underpins key interpretative challenges in contemporary culture and politics. This project informed his first book, Metaphor in European Philosophy after Nietzsche: An Intellectual History. Connecting his research to contemporary events and the broader public is also an ongoing passion and he frequently publishes public facing articles.

Andrew’s research and teaching interests include intellectual history, the history of European philosophy from a world perspective, metaphor theory, and questions relating to language, figurative thought, and the understanding. More broadly, he is interested in how human beings understand (or misunderstand) each other and how the ideas and beliefs they use to communicate are formed. He lives in London with his wife and is a keen swimmer.


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