12th School of Law PhD Colloquium: Changing Dimensions of Rule of Law: From Theory to Practice

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12:00 AM
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Note: Internal event not open to external attendees.

The 19th century concept of rule of law by AV Dicey has always been dynamic, expanding its horizons beyond public law. The technological advancements, digital transformations, climate change driven environmental challenges, universalisation of human rights and consequent expansions of legal frameworks has necessitated re-thinking, re-conceiving and re-conceptualisation of the hitherto understanding of rule of law. This vibrant and transitional character of rule of law has raised several questions, calling for intellectually challenging debates in scholarship to match its evolving nature. This one-day Colloquium on 10 June 2020 aims to bring together PhD scholars to share their ideas, experience and present their work in a stimulating environment. The Committee welcomes abstracts from students addressing the broader theme of Rule of Law. This Colloquium is open to all PhD students irrespective of the stage of research, dissertation or topic.

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Welcome and Opening Address

Mr. Scott Newton

Head of Department, School of Law, SOAS University of  London


Panel I

Constitutional Rights, Democratic Reforms and Rule of Law

1. Theocratic Constitutions, Rule of Law and Democratic Sustainability

Ahmed Nazeer, University of Portsmouth

Discussant: Dr. Samia Bano

2. Rethinking the Relationship of Rule of Law and Electoral Reform

Janos Mecs, Lorand University Budapest

Discussant: Dr. Nimer Sultany

3. Abuses in Respect of Parliamentary Law-making as a Rule of Law Concern

Viktor Zoltan Kazai, Central European University

Discussant: Dr. Nimer Sultany


Panel II

Rule of Law: International and Ecological Dimensions

1. Law and Peace Agreements: Liminality and Translation

Sara Bertotti, SOAS

Discussant: Dr. Nimer Sultany

2. The Preservation of the International Rule of Law and the  Settlement of Intractable Conflicts: The Cases of Western  Sahara, Nagorno-Karabakh, and the Occupied Arab Territories

Jean Paul Moinet, University of Trento, Italy

Discussant: Mr. Scott Newton


Panel III

Transitional Justice, Contractual Obligations and Commercial Arbitration

1.Warranty and Disclosure of  Information in M&A Transactions in the Light of the Theory  of Contract Law: Comparison of the Common Law and the  Civil Law

Tugce Yalcin, IALS

Discussant: Dr. Jonathan Ercanbrack

2. The Tale of International Commercial Arbitration in Dubai: The Rule of Law, Legality and Reality

Emad Hussein, SOAS

Discussant: Mr Ian Edge

3. Building Judiciaries of International Standards: A Case Study on the Role of Transnational Actors and Rule of Law Promotion in East Timor

Sapna Reheem Shaila, KCL

Discussant: Dr. Vanja Hamzić

3.30- 5.15 pm

Panel IV

Courts, Justice and Rule of Law

1. Measuring the Impact  of the International Criminal Court on Domestic Systems  Using Rule of Law Indicators

Claire Morris, University of Essex

Discussant: Dr. Catherine Jenkins

2. Revisiting the Role of Discretion and Equality in the Furtherance of Rule of Law vis-a vis Administration of Death Penalty Statutes

Anto Sebastian, Christ University, India

Discussant: Dr. Grace [Yu] Mou

3. Turning from Karlsruhe to Johannesburg: The International Rule of Law and the Judicial Empowerment Thesis

Sebastian Bates, Yale Law School

Discussant: Dr. Catherine Jenkins

4. Revisiting the  Rule of Law in the European Context: the CJEU’s Recent Narrative in the Limelight

Georgia Kelepouri, University of Athens

Discussant: Dr. Clara Della Croce


Closing Remarks

Mr. Scott Newton, Head of Department