24th Jaina Studies Workshop: Kānajī Svāmī and the Digambara Tradition

Key information

9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre (BGLT)

About this event

In its 20th Anniversary Year, the Centre of Jain Studies at SOAS is delighted to host the 24th Annual Jaina Studies Workshop and the 22nd Annual Jaina Lecture, both taking place on 15 April 2023. Involving international speakers from a host of institutions, the combined events will be a opportunity to explore and discuss the diverse philosophical perspectives and interpretations on the status of the concept of 'pure soul' within the Jaina tradition. 

The Workshop is linked to the exhibition Pure Soul: The Jaina Spiritual Traditions, and the supplemenary cultural progremme Jainism Inside Out.


22nd Annual Jaina Lecture

  • 9:00 Tea and Coffee
  • 9:30 Welcome Peter Flugel and J. Clifford Wright (SOAS)
  • 9:50 Olle Qvarnström Introduction of Speaker
  • 10:00 Jayandra Soni (University of Innsbruck)The Conundrum of Kundakunda’s Status in the Digambara Tradition
  • 11:00 Tea and Coffee

Workshop programme

First session: Kundakunda, Amṛtacandra, Banārasīdās
  • 11:30am Małgorzata Glinicka (University of Warszawa) The Nature of Action and the Sense of Doership in Kundakunda's Thought
  • 12:00am Ana Bajželj (University of California, Riverside) Amṛtacandrasūri on Agency
  • 12:30am Jérôme Petit (Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris) The Progress of the Soul, from Kundakunda to Banārasīdās
  • 13:00 Group photo
  • 13:10 Lunch
Second session: Kānajī Svāmī
  • 14:00 Jinesh R. Sheth (University of Mumbai) The Intended Audience of the Samayasāra: Mendicants or Laity?
  • 14:30 Kamini Gogri (Mumbai) Kramabaddhaparyāya: A Critical Analysis
  • 15:00 Corinne Smith (SOAS) Jātismaraṇajñāna, Dreams, and Legitimacy in the Kānjī Svāmī Tradition
  • 15:30 Achyut Kant Jain (Ladnun) Revisiting the Criticisms against the Discourses of Kānajī Svāmī on Nimitta-upādāna
  • 16:00 Tea and Coffee
  • 16:30 Hukam Chand Bharill (Todarmal Smarak, Jaipur) Bhagavān Mahāvīra and his Follower Kānjī Svāmī
  • 17:00 Hemant Gandhi (Songadh) My Personal Interactions with Gurudev Shri Kanjiswami
  • 17:20 Kirit Gosalia (Phoenix) Gurudev Kanjiswami and His Chief Followers
  • 17:40 Short break
  • 17:45 Anna Sowa, Remi Sowa & Corinne Smith (SOAS) Film Launch: Pure Soul: Gurudev Kānjī Svāmī – A Modern Jain Saint
  • 18:15 Podium discussion on the film
  • 18:30 Final remarks


The event is free but booking is essential. If you wish to attend, please complete this form to register