Concealed Revealed

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Concealed Revealed
Photographic works by Kate Parsons
15 October - 12 December 2003

UK artist and researcher Kate Parsons will be mounting an innovative exhibition at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS of her digital images taken from her sculptural work, made in response to her experiences and transposition of her anthropological research into contemporary art.

This show also aims to cross the boundaries between art and anthropology, and the Kenyan and UK cultures, but its intention is to elicit a response from a UK audience in relationship to the semiotic values found in the materials and processes used in both. Initially the work focused on the philosophical ideas embodied in the Giriama Commemorative Grave Posts but, rather than an illustrative approach, she has transformed these ideas into artwork that communicates tangible aspects of both societies.

Central to the work is the theme of reversal and contrasts, with sub-themes of vulnerability and insecurity inculcated through the fragment and associated with human mortality

Kate Parsons has previously lived and worked in Kenya, and in 2001 had a solo show at the National Museum in Kenya, Nairobi, entitled 'Crossing Boundaries'. Here she collaborated with some artists from the Kuona Arts Trust and gained an African response to the artwork, after a fellowship granted by the NMK for the anthropological research to be carried out.

This exhibition is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Board, Service Graphics (Bristol), Cipher Design (Bristol), Weston College and University of Gloucestershire.