COP26 and the Climate Crisis: SOAS Briefing and Regional Perspectives

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10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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COP26 and the Climate Crisis: SOAS Briefing and Regional Perspectives

Next month the UK will host the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow. COP will bring together world leaders to commit to urgent global climate action.

The SOAS Pre-CoP Meeting is hosted by SOAS Regional Centres and Institutes, Centre for Environment, Development and Policy (CDEP) and Centre for Sustainable Finance (CSF). This event is for staff, students and external audiences who want to learn about COP and the issues at stake through the lens of SOAS research and regional engagement.

The questions are big and critical; the format exciting, experimental and interactive; the speakers are world leading.

October 20th 10am-12: Session 1: The climate crisis and COP26: What is at stake?

: To provide a briefing and discussion forum on the climate crisis and what it means for SOAS, showcasing SOAS research, teaching and activism on the climate crisis.

Key questions : How does COP work? What are the key issues at stake? How do SOAS perspectives inform COP, climate change and sustainability?

Format : On Zoom. Talks are 7 minutes. Sessions separated by online comments and interaction.

Speakers : Adam Habib, Edward Simpson, Tom Tanner, Harald Heubaum, Felicia Jackson, Giuseppina Siciliano, Andrew Newsham, Ulrich Volz, Yannis Dafermos, Sean Kidney, Christine Oughton, Angela Impey, Pallavi Roy, Leo Horn Phathanothai and Ros Taplin.

October 21st 10am-12: Session 2: SOAS Regions and COP: Widening perspectives

: To provide a platform for SOAS and wider audiences for the diversity of perspectives on the climate crisis from the SOAS regional Centres and Institutes.

Key questions : What are the key issues from regional perspectives? How do views from Africa, the Middle East and Asia influence COP debates? How can we ensure that the ways we conceptualise and respond to climate change take these perspectives into account?

Format : On Zoom. Talks are 10 minutes, presenting a diversity of regional and thematic perspectives. Separated by time for online comments and interactive exercises.

Speakers : Adam Habib (Director of SOAS), Saleemul Huq (Bangladesh), Navroz Dubash (India), Isabel Hilton (China), Yasuko Kameyama (Japan), Pierre Echaubard (South-East Asia) and Kwadwo Owusu (West Africa).


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Organiser: SOAS Centres and Institutes, and Centre for Development, Environment and Policy

Contact email: sp65@soas.ac.uk