Eleven Wars against Palestinians: How Palestinians are coping with their Elimination

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Invoking the myth of Palestine as "a land without a people” to justify its project, Zionism physically destroyed most of Palestine and depopulated it from most of its native population to replace them with settlers, coming mostly from Europe initially. This occurred through eleven kinds of permanent wars waged for over a century against the Palestinians. The aim of this endeavour has been to sustain the pretence that there were no people, no history, no geography, no archaeology, no identity, no violated rights, and hence no crime committed.

This is unprecedented in colonial history. No colonial power did resort to such tactics for such a long time, with such massive power and influence, under the glare of cameras and under the watchful eye of the UN.

How could this obliteration be countered?



  1. Introduction: A New Palestine Center in the Heart of the Arab World: Palestine Land Studies Center at AUB - Dr. Howayda Al-Harithy
  2. Main lecture: Eleven Wars against Palestinians: How Palestinians are coping with their Elimination - Dr Salman Abu Sitta (Founder and President, Palestine Land Society)

About the speaker

Salman Abu Sitta is the Founder and President of Palestine Land Society , London, which is dedicated to the documentation of Palestine’s land and people. He is the author of several books on Palestine including the Compendium Atlas of Palestine 1917- 1966 , English and Arabic editions, the Atlas of the Return Journey , the Atlas of Palestine 1871- 1877 and Mapping my Return: A Palestinian Memoir (in English and Italian), the first Nakba memoir in English for southern Palestine. He has written over 400 papers and articles on the Palestinian refugees, the Right of Return, history of al Nakba and human rights.


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Chair: Dina Matar (SOAS)

Organiser: SOAS Middle East Institute and the Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS

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