Shaping the future: communicating different perspectives on global migration

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7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

About this event

In an increasingly mobile world, debate about the impacts of immigration is often highly charged and focused on the extent to which national governments are managing to meet immediate migration challenges. Evidence, however, suggests that both policymakers and civil society will need to broaden the migration debate in order to consider the longer-term dilemmas – and make the most of the future opportunities – that international migration is likely to generate.

This meeting, jointly organised by the IOM and Migrants Rights Network, will draw upon the IOM World Migration Report 2011 to consider the direction of dynamic migration trends today. What does the shifting picture of global migration patterns suggest about how the migration debate will look in thirty years time? How can an appreciation of the greater agency of the world’s population in deciding where and how to migrate inform policy making and public understanding of migration in the UK and beyond?

The meeting will be a chance to hear from leading migration analysts and advocates about the direction of dynamic migration trends today. In particular this meeting will be a chance to consider how new voices from migrant and diaspora communities can help us to tell the real story about global migration, now and into the future.


  • Dr John Campbell, SOAS (chair)
  • Ambassador Laura Thompson, Deputy Director General, IOM
  • Professor Ron Skeldon, University of Sussex
  • Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell, African Peoples Advocacy
  • Don Flynn, Migrants Rights Network

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