SOAS CYS Post-Graduate Student conference

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7:00 pm to 8:15 pm
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Here at the SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies it is our remit to promote, support and share great research happening in the field of Yoga Studies. We know that our audience is interested in the latest, most exciting work and how it’s done. We also know that it can be hard for graduate students in particular to find knowledgeable, supportive audiences with which to share their work.
With this in mind we are very excited to be hosting our second Post-Graduate Student conference, featuring graduate and post-graduate students who have either nearly completed their Master’s dissertation, or are in the early stages of their doctoral thesis, and are ready to offer a paper introducing the research to a wider audience.
Each panel will be moderated, and the series will be an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon the emerging themes of the series, and the future of Yoga Studies research as represented by early career researchers.

Session schedule
Monday 4th July 7-8.15pm UK time (Chaired by Dr. James Mallinson and Dr. Theo Wildcroft)
  • Anja Nikodem
    Jaina and Ājīvika soteriology - ideas of free will and determinism
  • Sabbi Lall
    In search of the Lord of Yoga
  • Erica Morton McGill
    “You Take Rest”: The Medicalization & Politicization of Rest in Contemporary Yoga Culture

Wednesday 6th July 7-8.15pm UK time (Chaired by Dr. Borayin Larios and Dr. Theo Wildcroft)

  • Adriana Maldonado Galarza
    The Role Of Absorption In Modern Postural Yoga: Secular Minds, Practices And Rituals
  • Martha Henson
    From Monkey Mind to Inner Silence: What could permanent loss of inner speech in meditators tell us about its function?
  • Nikki Costello
    The Guru-Disciple Relationship: A Pedagogy of Dialogue
  • Therese Heinisch
    Re-Thinking Yoga Pedagogy: A case study of yoga teacher training curricula

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