Special Seminar on 'Rethinking Digital Games between Virtual and Physical: Japanese Video'

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4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Hybrid, on campus (SWLT Senate House) and online

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Speaker: Prof Hiroshi Yoshida (The University of Tokyo)


This talk revisits the digital games from the perspective of "toys" and reconsiders their physicality and materiality. Unlike the majority of European and American rivals, the Japanese video companies in the early stage came out of toy makers. This historical background has been characterizing Japanese games up to the present in terms of their interface design, physical experience and player action. The speaker proposes, beyond the specific cases, researchers of digital or virtual cultures are actually expected to investigate not only their contents on the screen space but also the events and experiences happening in the user or player space outside the screen.


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Hosted by SOAS Centre for Translation Studies

Co-hosted with SOAS Japan Research Centre