TPNWCP Hou Chi-Jan Series: Juliet's Choice (該死的茱麗葉) 1-Day Film Screening

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10:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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In the 1970’s, computers were not yet invented and there was still such a thing called censorship. Ju, a crippled girl who had never fallen in love, worked in an old-fashioned printing store and spent all her time with ink. The dreary routine kept her from longing for a better future and romance. Sometimes she would look out of the window, fantasizing about a completely different life in the bright outside world. One day, a handsome boy came to the store with banned articles in his hands. He wanted to publish a newspaper on social criticism and reform. These issues were so sensitive that no printing stores would take such a risk. But the boy’s passion and idealism deeply moved Ju and she promised to help him in private. Ju’s promise filled the boy with joy. Looking at his radiant smiling face, Ju was willing to give up the whole world for her romantic feelings, no matter how transient, and regardless of all consequences.

Director Hou Chi-Jan

Born on 15th November 1973 in Taipei. Writer and film director. Having worked on the “Database of Taiwan Cinema” since his collage days, Hou’s works tend to be lyrical and stylish, and are often characterized by the theme of time and memory. His experimental short “Stardust 15749001” won the Grand Prix at the Taipei International Film Festival in 2003. Hou's second short “My 747” won the Grand Prix at the Hong Kong IFVA Independent Short Film & Video Award in 2006. His documentary work “Taiwan Black Movies”, presenting the cult films of the repressive age of Taiwan's 1970s, was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards and invited to many international film festivals. His first feature film “One Day” was officially selected in the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival.

Director's Filmography

2010 “Juliet’s Choice” (one short of triptych film “Juliets” )

2010 “One Day”(35mm/ feature)
Berlin International Film Festival
Vladivostok International Film Festival –The Special Jury Award

2007 “Shopping Cart Boy” (35mm/ short)

2005  “Taiwan Black Movies” (16mm/ documentary)
Taipei Golden Horse Award / Nominated as the Best Documentary

2005  “My 747”(11’) (documentary, short)
IFVA Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Award- Grand Prize

2003 “Stardust 15749001”(experimental, short)
Taipei Film Festival: Grand Prize

Organiser: SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies

Contact email: ml156@soas.ac.uk