TPNWCP Thomas Lin Shu-Yu Series: "The Pain of Others (海巡尖兵)” 1-Day Film Screening

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10:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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*As part of the 2020 Taiwan Post-New Wave Cinema Project, we kindly ask that you register to view this film through Eventbrite .


On the night of March 18th, 2000, the presidential election, as usual, three coastguards are on patrol by the seaside of Yi-Lan. Private First Class, just out of lock-up, is equipped with a walkie-talkie. The Private (second in command) has a military 65-K2 rifle and the Private recruit (rookie) has two clips of ammunition. Seeing that it's still a long, boring night ahead, The Private starts looking for excuses to haze the rookie…

Director Thomas Lin Shu-Yu

Born in 1976, Tom Shu-Yu Lin is commonly regarded as one of the most promising new filmmakers emerging from Taiwan. After receiving his M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts in 2002, Tom started working in the Taiwanese film industry as the first assistant director to filmmakers such as Tsai Ming-Liang and Doze Niu. In 2005, Lin directed his breakthrough short film, THE PAIN OF OTHERS and in 2008, his first feature film WINDS OF SEPTEMBER. Both films have been screened at various festivals throughout the world and both have been critically acclaimed and loved by audiences. Since he lived in the Unites States when he was a child, he grew up learning both Chinese and English, giving him the ability to communicate fluently in both languages. His films all carry a distinctive mix of cultural backgrounds. His works are often filled with dramatic tension, yet within the story explore the most basic problems of humanity, creating believable characters that touch the heart. He followed it in 2012 with STARRY STARRY NIGHT, an adaptation from Jimmy Liao’s famous illustration book. Because of his bicultural upbringing, his films all carry a distinct mix of cultural backgrounds, finding a balance between western narrative and eastern meditation.

Organiser: SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies

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