SOAS University of London

Media Production

The I&T directorate offers post production support to SOAS organised events as well as for external clients who hire our facilities and use our technicians.

If you are organising an event that is being filmed or audio recorded please discuss with us your requirements and we can advise you of the best way forward.

Filming Video

Requests to film events must be made in advance (only available in suitable spaces). For lead times please see Bookings section on Event Technical Support.

  • Interal Events - Filming is charged at £45/hr and chargeable from 5pm for each technician
  • External Event - Filming is charged at £90/hr for each technician

Editing Video

We will edit material if a member of the Technical Specialist team has filmed the event. Video editing is a very time consuming process so you may wish to assess exactly how much editing you require. For example, simple editing of a video, adding titles and producing it in a format suitable for upload to the SOAS website or YouTube will be approximately £100 for an internal event. It is usually helpful for the material to be reviewed before edting is agreed. Redits will be further charged.

  • Interal Events - charged at £45/hr
  • External Event - charged at £90/hr

Editing Audio

We will edit audio material, eg lectures and conferences. Audio editing is charged and typically editing and enhancing audio will cost about £50 for internal event.

  • Interal Events - charged at £45/hr
  • External Event - charged at £90/hr


Due to the potentially large size of the files we do not provide storage for recorded materials. Once you have provided the material to edit we will store the file(s) for 3 months after completion. After that period we will delete the material, and the responsibility for further archiving or storage transferred to the owner. If you wish to store the materials yourself please provide a suitable storage to transfer it to.

Editing facilities

We have editing facilities in the Medialab (room L55) if you wish to edit your own material. The PCs currently run the Adobe Creative Cloud suite including Premiere Pro video editing software. Please contact us to discuss requirements and access. Bookings can be made by email