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Dr Gloria Lee

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Department of Linguistics Lecturer in East Asian Translation Studies (Education)
Department of Linguistics
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I graduated from the BA and MPhil programmes at the University of Hong Kong. I was an Assistant Professor of the Department of Translation, Interpreting, and Intercultural Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University before I joined SOAS. I was an editor and book review editor of New Voices in Translation Studies (2013-2018), and a research associate of the ARTIS initiatives (2014-2020). I am also the co-founder of the East Asian Translation Studies conferences since 2014.

I teach practical translation courses, especially on the various forms of translation in the field of media, such as subtitling, news, and public writing. My teaching always attaches importance to the translation expertise in different fields. I adopt a learner-centred approach and apply Peer Instruction (PI) and the Jigsaw method in my classes.

Research interests

I have always been interested in the study of the translators and the translation practice in the social context. My doctoral research examined the Chinese translations of Joseph Conrad’s sea stories in modern China (1912-1937) by the student-translators commissioned by the China Foundation and the Committee on Editing and Translation, focusing on the translators’ practice in terms of their narrating positions on the textual and paratextual levels, and the relationship between their practice and the discourse of translation in modern China using Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of practice.

I have also worked on collaborative translation and the collaborative nature of translation using translation papers and archival material, which invite a new set of question, starting with a re-definition of translation situations, how problems are identified and solved by translators and translating agents, and subsequently how translation is conceptualized in the social space. I completed two projects funded by Teaching Development Grants (TDG) on developing new pedagogy for translation, the latest one being “An ANT Approach to Translation Teaching: Combining peer instruction and jigsaw method of teaching” (TDG/1819/04, 2018-2020).

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