Recruitment and Selection Forms

Click on the links below to access the relevant forms required:

Request to Recruit and Fixed Term Contract Extension Form

(further information on the revised recruitment process is available at the link)

Interview booking form

Interview assessment form

Offer form (non-academic)

Offer form - academic

Next steps after the interview

Visa Holders Information


Appointment Form for External Grant-funded Positions - Named or Sponsored Researchers

Download File (msword; 76kb)


Test Record form

Test Record form

  • This form should be completed for each candidate after they have completed the test and given to the Interview Selection Panel for consideration.
  • The forms should be returned to the HR Department together with the R12 Appointment Recommendation form and R11 Interview Record forms and the panel’s interview packs.

Download File (msword; 40kb)


Variation of contract request form

Download File (msword; 86kb)