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Dr Jennifer Langer

Key information

Centre for Jewish Studies Member Centre for Iranian Studies Member Research Associate
MA (London), PhD (SOAS)
Thesis title
Exile from Exile: The Representation of Cultural Memory in Literary Texts by Exiled Iranian Jewish Women


Jennifer Langer gained her PhD (2013) from SOAS, University of London and holds an MA in Cultural Memory from the University of London Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, the School of Advanced Study. She has presented papers on her PhD research at the SOAS International PhD Conference on the Middle East (May 2011) and for the SOAS Centre for Jewish Studies (February 2011).

She is founding director of Exiled Writers Ink and has edited four anthologies of exiled literature including Crossing the Border: Voices of Refugee and Exiled Women Writers (Five Leaves 2002) and If Salt has Memory: Jewish Exiled Writing (Five Leaves 2008)

Jennifer Langer received a 2011 award from the Hadassah Institute of Brandeis University, America which includes the possibility of publishing her PhD as a book.

Research interests

Philosophy; Critical and Literary Theory; Cultural Memory; Gender; Exile and Diaspora; Mizrahim and Sephardim; Iranian Literature; Iran; Literary representations of Islamic-Jewish dynamics in multiple contexts.

I aim to publish my research and to work in a post-doctoral capacity. The award from the Hadassah Institute of Brandeis University, 2011 includes the possibility of the University of New England Press publishing my PhD as a book.

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