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Dr Maria Kostoglou

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Department of History of Art and Archaeology Lecturer in Curating and Museology
Department of History of Art and Archaeology
BA (Thessaloniki), MPhil and PhD (Glasgow), SFHEA
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Term 1: Thursdays, 12 noon–2:00pm; Term 2: Wednesdays, 12 noon–2:00pm; and by appointment


I am an archaeologist working with critical museum and material culture studies. I worked as a lecturer and curator with both heritage and higher education sectors in the UK and South Europe. My research, pedagogy and outreach stem from a passion to explore how the materiality of ancient artefacts marks and masks their meanings in the past and in the present, especially in situations of dynamic cultural contact.

At SOAS, I lecture in Curating and Museology, and teach relevant UG and PG modules. My teaching builds on my research interest in archaeological material culture studies and critical museum studies advocating ethical use of collections and the promotion of social justice in the sector and beyond. With a focus on practice-based pedagogy and in partnership with museum/heritage organisations I develop research/learning projects that enhance student experiences and bridge the divide between academia and the public (as done with the Manchester Museum, the National Maritime Museum, London, and SOAS collections). Previously at SOAS, I also co-directed the MA in Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies, coordinated the SoA MA Dissertations, and chaired the academic board for the SOAS UG Journal.

Before SOAS, I was a lecturer at the University of Manchester holding a joined post with the Manchester Museum. I have been honoured to receive a nomination and be shortlisted for the SOAS Director’s Teaching Prize for Inspirational Teaching (less than 3 years in 2019) while my research was generously founded by the A S Onassis Foundation, The British Academy, and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

Research interests

I regularly consult on issues related to storage, care, research and interpretation of metal collections based on sustainable approaches to the future of collections. I published research on iron technology and indigenous identities, and studied artefacts from the Mediterranean, Africa and Bahrain. I am particularly interested in ancient iron weapons, agricultural, and domestic tools, their manufacturing techniques and socio-cultural meanings in the past (their original context) and in the present (in museum collections). I am currently researching transcultural approaches and best practice for advancing the study of ancient iron and the curation of metal collections. My research, supervision and outreach interests include: ancient technology and artefact studies; heritage crafts; the materiality of archaeological objects and their connections with place and identity; sustainable archaeological collection management; museums and social justice.

Research Programmes


  • ‘The Olynthus Project’ (metalwork), multidisciplinary project run by the University of Michigan, USA and the University of Liverpool, UK in collaboration with the Greek Archaeological Service. More information is available on the University of Michigan website.


  • ‘Material Connections: mobility, materiality and identity’ AHRC. Directed by Peter van Dommelen (Glasgow) Bernard Knapp (Glasgow), and Michael Rowlands (UCL)

  • ‘CONTACT’ for innovative use of collections in archaeology and Classics teaching

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