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Professor Nadje Al-Ali

Key information

Member Food Studies Centre Member, SOAS Food Studies Centre Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies Member Member Member Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies Member
PhD (London)


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Professor Nadje Al Ali's Inaugural Lecture: On Not Travelling Lightly: Transnational feminist journeys to and from the Middle East

Research interests

Women & gender in the Middle East; women’s movements and feminism in Middle East; secularism and Islamism; transnational migration, diaspora mobilization; gendering violence, war and peace; history of Iraqi women; impact of sanctions, war and occupation on Iraqi women, Iraq.

PhD Supervision

Name Title
Ms Haya Al -Noaimi ‘The Protectors of Our Nation’: Discourses of Protection and the Construction of Masculinities in the Qatari and Emirati Militaries
Miss Aida Al Kaisy A comparative study of the production practices of the mass media of a country in conflict, Iraq.
Ms Ayse Arslan Low-Paid Industrial Workers in the Garment Industry, Un-Paid House-Workers in the Family: Women Workers in Turkey/Izmir
Isabel Käser Militant Femininity: The PKK-led Women's Movement in the Kurdish Middle East – A Transnational Analysis
Ms Haje Keli An analysis of the gender-based violence in Iraqi Kurdistan – state, society and family violence [working title]