Priyanka Hutschenreiter

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Key information

BA (Durham), MSc (Oxford)
Thesis title
Being Muslim in Dhaka: Dhormo, Ethics and Ambiguity in the Everyday
Internal Supervisors
Professor Marloes Janson


My research trajectory is diverse. My undergraduate and master's research pertained to contemporary social movements and political imagination, though I simultaneously pursued research projects on sexual and gendered violence in conflict. My interest turned to religiosity and Islam in Bangladesh following academic explorations into violence and memory at Durham, and the anthropology of Muslim societies at Oxford. My doctoral research examines how Bangladeshi Muslims consciously and unconsciously use the concept of cultural ambiguity to make sense of religion and irreligion, and how multiple norms exist simultaneously in daily life. 

My research interests include religiosity, Muslim societies, ambiguity, contradiction, ethics, morality,
phenomenology, urban studies, sexual violence in conflict and gender and sexuality. I am a member of the Royal Anthropological Institute and the British Association for South Asian Studies.