Ms Lamya (Sharmeen) Hussain

Key information

BA Hons (York University, Canada) MA (York University, Canada)
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Thesis title
Dunam after Dunam: Transitions in Farming across the Jordan Valley
Internal Supervisors
Professor Gilbert Achcar


Lamya holds a Masters in Environmental Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Refugee Studies from York University. She has dedicated several years to researching Palestinian refugee communities across Lebanon and the West Bank. Her areas of expertise include design and implementation of projects that merge local capacities, needs and resources. Her professional career comprises applied research, consulting and entrepreneurship in order to improve local livelihoods in displaced communities. Lamya founded a not-for-profit --Refutrees--in September 2012 and is currently developing green projects with local communities in displaced contexts. Her efforts have awarded her twice the Harold Mahabir Award for International Development.

Research interests

International Development, Donor-Aid, Humanitarian Assistance, and Agriculture.

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