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Postgraduate Accommodation

Accommodation Fees

Room rates differ across halls according to a variety of different factors, including the following

  • Room size
  • Bed size
  • Whether or not a catering plan is included in the weekly charge
  • Facilities available, including bathroom type and kitchen arrangements
  • Social & recreational spaces available such as gyms, common rooms, cinema room
  • Location of room in building
  • Type of room eg. twin, single, double, studio

For 2019/20 the weekly fees are shown below and remain fixed for the academic year.

Residence Number of Rooms for SOAS Fee (Per week) Description Distance to SOAS
College Hall 12 £234.15 to £269.85 Fully Catered University of London, undergraduate Hall inc. rooms for families and couples 0.2 Miles
Connaught Hall 25 £188.65 to £265.30 Fully Catered, University of London undergraduate Hall, Social committee puts on many events 0.2 Miles
Dinwiddy House (UG only) 513 £167.97 to £234.91 Fully occupied by SOAS undergraduate students, self catering undergraduate Hall, all en suite, located near to King's Cross 1.1 Miles
The Garden Halls 56 £207.20 to £292.60 Opened in 2016 with catered rooms and self catered townhouses, en suite and shared bathroom options 0.5 Miles
Goldsmiths House 20 £197.50 to £210 Female only hall, private rooms with large shared kitchen facilities 1.1 Miles
Helen Graham House 60 £160 to £247.50 Situated beside the British Museum this hall has private rooms and 3 twin rooms. Large shared kitchens. 0.4 Miles
International Hall 27 £155.75 to £261.10 Large University of London catered and self-catered hall, undergraduate, postgraduate and family accommodation. En suite, shared and self contained bathrooms 0.4 Miles
Paul Robeson (PG or mature UG only) 259 £167.97 to £198.18 Fully occupied by SOAS postgraduate students, en suite rooms arranged in cluster flats with shared kitchens. 1.1 miles
Urbanest St Pancras 79 £245.96 to £289.86 One block of this hall has been secured at a special discounted price, excellent private rooms and en suite rooms with double beds throughout and large social spaces and imac study room 1.4 Miles
Wood Green Hall 20 £150 to £160 Located in North London 29 mins via the Piccadilly line offering furnished single rooms with wifi 6.8 Miles

A schedule of payment dates will be provided in your licence agreement. Payment is usually required in termly instalments.


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