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Where to live?

SOAS students live all over London and beyond. Choosing an area that you like and feel safe in is important.. Areas in London tend to be very diverse, some offer plentiful green spaces or easy access to the canal and its wildlife, whilst others are known for a lively music scene, weekly markets or independent shops. Different communities often live in different areas, so if you’re learning a language at SOAS you could choose an area where you can practice with the locals!

Most SOAS Students commute 30-40 minutes to SOAS

Do your research

Spend some time researching different areas. You can do this by visiting them, looking online, talking to other students, or visiting the SOAS Housing Adviser. 

Some great tips can be found on the UAL Commonplace Forum.

Where do SOAS students  live?

Many students choose to live along the Piccadilly Line (dark blue) and Northern Line (black) as these provide good transport links with SOAS.  If you have the opportunity go and visit locations where accommodation is available, sometimes properties may seem much further away than they are and can be much cheaper if they are a little further from a transport hub.
Popular areas include

  • Caldeonian Road
  • Holloway Road
  • Camden Town
  • Kentish Town
  • Finsbury Park
  • Manor House
  • Stoke Newington
Average Rent in these areas

You can get an idea of average rents in these areas using this map.

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