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Choosing your Housemates

Whether you are looking for a place to live with friends, or looking online to find new housemates, taking time to consider who you live with can help to stop problems developing later in the year. Groups of 2-5 are best for house hunting in London.

Finding Housemates

At SOAS, there are always opportunities to meet new people. Would you like to live with people from your course, or do you want to branch out and live with others? Have you enjoyed living with your flatmates in hall, or would you like a change? Join a society or attend some Students’ Union events to meet potential flatmates.

Many new students arrive in London without knowing anyone. Look out for the ULHS flatmate finder event in September, or contact others in a similar position through the following forums

Things to consider when choosing your housemates
  • Budget – choose housemates with similar budget to you, and stick to it when you go house hunting. Big discrepancies in what you can afford both in terms of rent and living costs can raise tensions.
  • Cleanliness – different people have different attitudes towards keeping their living space clean and tidy. How important is this to you?
  • Daily routine – consider your timetable and when you will be in and out of the house. What time do you usually go to sleep? Are you easily woken by housemates coming in late?
    Socialising – do you prefer to live in a quiet house where you can study or a noisy party house? How do you feel about your housemates bringing friends over?
  • Dealbreakers – think about your worst nightmare housemate. What would you absolutely not be able to live with? Make sure your housemates know what is most important to you.
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