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Moving out

One month before
  • Check your tenancy agreement for moving out and deposit return arrangements. Failing to do what the contract says can result in delays in getting your deposit back, or deductions
  • Have you informed your landlord/agency that you will be moving out?
  • Make sure you know which deposit scheme is holding your money
  • Start thinking about recycling or donating any usable items that you don’t need
Two weeks before
  • Start planning how you are going to clean the house with your flatmates. If the house is not left in the same condition as when you moved in this may result in deductions from your deposit.
  • Consider arranging mail redirections with Royal Mail
One week before
  • Re-check your inventory and arrange a check out inspection with your landlord/agent
  • Clean the property thoroughly
  • Notify utility companies of your move out date
Move out day
  • Remove all remaining rubbish from the property
  • Take photos of the property
  • Take meter readings
  • Keep copies of all useful documents e.g. emails with landlord, photos, tenancy agreement
  • Lock up the property and return the keys
Two to four weeks after the end of the tenancy

Have you heard from the landlord about your deposit? If not, write to them to request information.
If you don’t agree with any deductions made, try to negotiate with your landlord in writing using the tenancy agreement, the inventory and your photos.

Check your tenancy agreement to see what your landlord can deduct money for, this might include

  • unpaid rent (including arrears owed by other join tenants)
  • damage to property (but not if this was caused by normal usage/fair wear and tear)
  • replacement of missing items
  • cleaning

If your negotiations do not work and you still feel that the deductions have been wrongly made or incorrectly calculated, you and your landlord may wish to refer your dispute to the deposit protections scheme. You can seek advice and support from the SOAS Housing Adviser or University of London Housing Services about how to do this.

3 months after end of tenancy

This is the deadline for raising a dispute with the tenancy deposit protection schemes.

The University of London Housing Services can offer advice on any deposit disputes.

Right to Rent Checks