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Types of accommodation

Shared house/flat

Shared flats or houses are the most popular option with SOAS students who live in private accommodation. Often, a group of 2-5 SOAS students will look together for a house to move into. As SOAS has a large number of post-graduate and international students, it is common for students to arrive in London without knowing anyone. See our tips on Finding Flatmates.

Another way you can find accommodation in a shared house is through websites that advertise spare rooms in houses. Rooms may be offered on individual contracts until the house is filled, or they may be offered in existing house shares, where you may be invited to meet the current housemates, who may be students or professionals. Be aware that if you share with professionals, you may be asked to pay a contribution towards council tax for that room.

Studio or bedsit

A studio or bedsit is usually one self-contained room where you eat, sleep and study. Studios usually have their own bathroom and kitchen, whilst a bedsit may have shared facilities. They tend to be more expensive than shared rooms, however they offer more privacy.

Live in Landlord

Some landlords rent out rooms in the property that they live in – this is referred to as live-in landlords. This can bring considerable benefits, in some cases lower rent for a better quality living space, they may have a cleaner and the house may have a more ‘homely’ feel. However, as you will be a licensee rather than a tenant, you you will not have the same guarantee of legal rights as a tenant, so try to get a written civil agreement between you and your landlord. Get this checked by the University of London Housing Service before you sign.

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