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Viewing Properties

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Always view a house before you sign a contract or transfer any money. You should plan to visit London before the start of the academic year to find a place to live. Dinwiddy House offers affordable short stay accommodation during the summer; its central location makes it a good place to start your search.  

If you are unable to come to London, Student Homes might be a good option for you. 

House Viewing checklist

Print out a few copies of this checklist and take it with you when you are viewing properties so you know what to look out for and useful questions to ask. 

House Viewing Checklist (pdf; 225kb)

Arranging viewings 

Get an early start, and spend an hour or two in the morning looking for suitable properties. When you see a property you like, phone and try to make an appointment for later on that day.  Leave plenty of time to get from one viewing to the next — 3 or 4 viewings is probably enough for one day. If you are looking as a group, try to go and see the property all together as  arranging multiple viewings can take up valuable time. Use our checklist when viewing properties, and take lots of photos so you can remember it later.

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