SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Orders: Annex II: Faculty Boards

Annex II Faculty Boards

Faculty Boards report to Academic Board.

(i) The membership of Faculty Boards will comprise

Dean of Faculty

Ex-officio Members:
Associate Deans (number depends on Faculty)
Heads of Department (number depends on Faculty)

Other Members:
Academic staff equivalent in number to Heads of Department elected by the academic members of those Departments, with a named deputy to attend in the absence of the academic member or Head of Department
One member of non-academic staff from the Faculty
Two student members – one postgraduate, one undergraduate

(ii) The Registrar will nominate a Secretary.  The Library & Information Services Assistant Director (Teaching & Research Support) will be in attendance.  There will normally be one meeting of the Board per term.

(iii) The remit of the Faculty Board is to consider strategic planning and policy development matters in relation to the Faculty

(iv) Faculty Boards will have the following terms of reference:

(a) To oversee the development of the Faculty Strategic Plan;

(b) To monitor the overall delivery of the Faculty Strategic Plan and to review this on a regular basis;

(c) To ensure that the Faculty Strategic Plan contains Performance Indicators and targets, and to periodically monitor their delivery;

(d) To make an annual report to Academic Board regarding the overall delivery of the Performance Indicators and targets in the Faculty Strategic Plan;

(e) To note the terms of reference of its sub-committees,

Faculty Learning & Teaching Committee
Faculty Management Group
Faculty Research Committee

and to approve the membership of Committees, Panels and Groups where this is the responsibility of Faculty Board;

The terms of reference will provide, inter alia, that these Committees, Panels and Groups report to the Faculty Board but that they also have a duty to keep the relevant Sub-Committees of Academic Board informed of developments;

(f) To approve the appointment of Research Associates.