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SOAS Standing Orders: Annex II(ii): Faculty Management Groups

Annex II(ii) Faculty Management Groups

Faculty Management Groups report to Faculty Boards.

(i) The membership of Faculty Management Groups will comprise

Dean of Faculty

Ex-officio Members:
Associate Deans
Heads of Department

(ii) The Registrar will nominate a Secretary.  The Group will normally hold meetings every two weeks during term time.

(iii) The remit of the Group is to advise the Dean on the exercise of his/her authority granted by the Charter and Standing Orders, to act within delegated authority on behalf of other Standing Committees and to co-ordinate and progress the Faculty's business.

(iv) Faculty Management Groups will have the following terms of reference:

(a) To co-ordinate the academic and non-academic management of the Faculty;

(b) To oversee the implementation of the Faculty Strategic Plan and to report regularly to Faculty Board on progress;

(c) To oversee the implementation of learning and teaching policy and research policy within the Faculty and to report regularly to Faculty Board on progress;

(d) To approve in principle new programme proposals;

(e) To report to relevant Faculty and School Committees as appropriate;

(f) To devise and recommend to Faculty Board Faculty policy on staff development and training, in consultation with the Staff Development Manager, and to ensure that it is implemented.